James Allan (30)


James has been a mobile DJ in and around Shotts for the best part of 15 years. He has a wide music genre that he likes from Old Skool dance to Punk rock from the 90s. Has DJd along side the likes of QFX, Mallorca Lee (Ultrasonic) Joe Deacon & More

Robbie Glenn (26)


Robbie is a real encyclopedia when it comes to most music genres through the era's. A avid music enthusiast from birth he listens to a vast range stuff from Doo-Wop to Nu Metal and everything inbetween.

Alan Thomsom (24)


Alan lives in salsburgh and has been a presenter with Listen Lanarkshire from the very start. He has been rewarded by Trinity College London a grade 8 in singing and is now working towards his associate level. In his spare time Alan enjoys singin with a local choir, so he like the others has a vast music genre he likes and knows

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